Vegan, Gluten Free BLTs! Yum!


You can have all of the delicious goodness that you remember from when you used to eat BLTs. With a few minor changes, you can once again indulge in a healthy way!

1 large eggplant
1 cup of Braggs liquid aminos
8 Collard green leaves
1 bunch of leaf lettuce
2 large tomatoes
Chipotle Vegenaise

Leaving the skin on,slice eggplant once lengthwise then into 1/4 inch thick strips. Soak them in a bowl of the Braggs liquid aminos for 1 minute. Place them in your dehydrator for 4 to 5 hours.

Blanch collard green leaves in boiling water for 5 seconds each. Cut leaves in half and discard stem.

Slice tomatoes into thin strips. Tear lettuce into thirds.

Place approximately 1 teaspoon of Vegenaise on each collard green then layer 2 pieces of eggplant, some tomato and lettuce. Roll tightly.

Enjoy with the piece of mind you get from knowing that you’re eating something very good for you and very good tasting!


Jim Marconi is a singer/songwriter, vegan health/juicing coach, and co-founder of Plantastic Nutrition, a grass roots organization aimed at educating the public about the whole-food/plant-based lifestyle. Jim has been a vegan for 38 years, juicing for over 30 and wheatgrass juicing for the past 15 years. His "Juice Guru" certification was earned in 2014 through the Juice Guru Certified Juicing Practitioner Program.

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