Creamy Vegan Alfredo Sauce

Alfredo sauce is a rich, delicious topping for pasta, rice, cooked veggies or mixed into a raw salad as a dressing.

Typically made with heavy cream, it is not known for being very nutritious! It is eaten as an indulgence food followed by guilt and the typical health repercussions that follow eating dairy and foods high in animal fat.

I have an amazing recipe to share with you for a whole-food/plant-based creamy Alfredo sauce. It is delicious and guilt-free!

1 cup of raw, organic cashews, soaked for 6 hours or more (the longer they soak in water, the creamier the sauce will be, however, it is an option to not soak them at all or for less time.) OR 1 cup of almonds, soaked, and skins removed.

3 Tablespoons of nutritional yeast (amount can be varied, add more for a cheesier texture.)

1-2 cloves of garlic

Juice from 1/4 lemon (remove all seeds.)

Sea salt and ground black pepper to taste

Dash of nutmeg

1 cup of water

Blend all ingredients together in the blender at high speed. Blend until smooth and creamy. The amount of water used can be varied according to desired texture. This dish can be served cold (raw) or warmed.

Please let me know if you try this recipe and how you liked it.

Bon Apetite!


Jim Marconi is a singer/songwriter, vegan health/juicing coach, and co-founder of Plantastic Nutrition, a grass roots organization aimed at educating the public about the whole-food/plant-based lifestyle. Jim has been a vegan for 38 years, juicing for over 30 and wheatgrass juicing for the past 15 years. His "Juice Guru" certification was earned in 2014 through the Juice Guru Certified Juicing Practitioner Program.

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