First Big Harvest of the Season


Lettuce plants put in the ground 3 weeks ago are now huge and ready to eat! We also have some nice kale and mustard greens. Dandelion greens just popped up this spring (big surprise) and we didn’t pull them, just let them grow and eat the greens! Lots of chives and chive flowers to decorate our salads.

Nothing like growing your own food! So fresh and nutritious. We really appreciate our community garden space. Organic is the rule so we don’t have to worry about chemicals. Raised bed gardening is easy and fun!


Jim Marconi is a singer/songwriter, vegan health/juicing coach, and co-founder of Plantastic Nutrition, a grass roots organization aimed at educating the public about the whole-food/plant-based lifestyle. Jim has been a vegan for 38 years, juicing for over 30 and wheatgrass juicing for the past 15 years. His "Juice Guru" certification was earned in 2014 through the Juice Guru Certified Juicing Practitioner Program.

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